Sunday, September 30, 2012

Living Relatives May Pitch-In

I talked with one of my Genealogy 101 students today at church. She was grinning ear to ear over an envelope she received this week. Inside all folded up and taped together - with tape that might be considered antique but for sure was vintage - was a page from her family Bible that she has been searching for for a long time. It contained birth and death entries (which I considered to be a viable support document if it collaborates another reliable source that will support her genealogy data. It had been sent by her uncle who must be in his eighties! If you haven't done so already put out the word that you are doing family genealogy and would gladly take or borrow any dated material that might further the information on the family line. Relatives may have newspaper clippings, letters, birth, death or marriage certificates, Bibles, etc. that are tucked away....but with a little encouragement from you might become part of your genealogy research support. Let me know if you find anything interesting, Happy Digging, Sherry

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